A MacBook is Stolen Every 53 Seconds.
Will yours be next? This brand New App got your back!
Easy to Use

Just flick a switch and your MacBook is Protected from Theft.
Prevents Theft

Any Thief will think again when he hears the Attention - Grabbing Alarm!
Safeguard Your Asset

Prevent Significant Damage and Exploitation of Personal Data.
"Definitely the n°1 problem when you‘re working in cafe, now solved!
Loud alarm + text message on the phone, great combo! "
- Pierre Gilles

Having your laptop stolen is more likely than you think…

Wait - it gets worse

There is another way

This is a Must have Application – don’t get caught out.

Reviews from Real People

Pierre Gilles

Definitely the n°1 problem when you‘re working in cafe, now solved # Loud alarm +text message on the phone,great combo!

Raman S.


Loud alarm. Great to scare the sh*t out of anyone who steals your laptop.

Wish it electro-shocked the person who's running away with my laptop  Great anti-theft alarm system for my MacBook 


F. Ivanischev


A product which can save you lots of stress, money and time.

Hopefully I won't ever test this for real, but this product seems to be solving a real problem here.


Emma A.

My mac got stolen last year in a coffee shop while I was talking to my friend. Theft just happen so fast. Every time I stop using my mac, I just activate Beepify to make sure it won't happen again. It’s a must have !

Andreas P.

Solves a real problem when working at public spaces. I Love it.

Miguel C.

I have an alarm in my car, at the office and at home. 100% of my job is made on my Mac, it just make sens to protect it. Thanks to Beepify.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the alarm start playing the sound?

It depends on the selected mode:

1) When charger is disconnected or display is closed

2) When charger is disconnected

3) When display is closed

Will the app work if my laptop's screen is locked?

Yes. Your alarm will stay active even if your screen is locked.

Will it work if the display is closed?

Yes. The alarm sound will continue playing if your display is closed.

What if the theft will change or mute the sound?

Sound will switch back to maximum and he can't turn it off.

Can I change the alarm volume level ?

Yes you can change the alarm volume level from 0 (no alarm sound only notifications) to the maximum.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime ?

Yes, just send us a message at support@beepify.com to cancel your yearly subsciption.

What if someone accidentally triggers my alarm?

The alarm will start playing and continue until you disable it or plug the charger back in and open the display

Does it work if I have headphones plugged in?

You will receive the phone notification, but you'll need to remove your headphones when enabling the app, otherwise the alarm sound will play through your headphones and not through the laptop speaker.

Do I need to have internet connection?

Yes, to be able to send and receive the notification, but not to play the alarm itself.

Do you support WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you'll be able to receive the notification on whatsapp or Facebook messenger on the next update coming up this month (january) for the moment the notifications are enabled on telegram only.

How I can find my laptop if it's stolen?

Please connect all your Apple devices with the same Apple ID to "Find My iPhone" (it's not only for iPhone). You can use it via web app and iOS app.

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